Apple Expands Analytics Available to Developers as Part of App Store Changes

As part of the App Store changes being enabled in Europe, Apple is providing all developers worldwide with updated analytics information.

More than 50 new reports are available through the ‌App Store‌ Connect API to help developers analyze their app performance. Some of the new metrics:

Engagement – Apple is offering additional insight into the number of users on the ‌App Store‌ that interact with a developer’s app or share it with other people.

Commerce – Developers can get more information on downloads, sales and proceeds, pre-orders, and transactions made with the In-App Purchase system.

App Usage – Apple now provides more information on crashes, active devices, installs, app deletions, and more.

Frameworks Usage – Developers can get info on their app’s interaction with iOS features like Widgets, CarPlay, and PhotoPicker.

As it does with current reports, Apple will anonymize the data that is used in the new report options. Developers will be able to grant third-party access to their performance reports.

More information about report details and access will be provided to developers in March.

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