Apple Says Vision Pro Could Be Used for Surgeries, Technical Training and More

Apple executives believe the Vision Pro has a number of enterprise applications, from advanced technical training to use in operating rooms, according to a video sent out to employees.

The video, which features Apple’s Mike Rockwell and Alan Dye, both of whom are involved in the development of the device, discusses the development of the Vision Pro and what it might be used for in the future. Bloomberg received a transcript of the video, and shared details on the information included.

“Oftentimes, surgeons struggle to look at displays during procedures, where information is spread out,” Rockwell said. “Apple Vision Pro could bring all of that together and hopefully improve patient outcomes.”

Rockwell said that technicians or aircraft mechanics could use the Vision Pro for “high-quality training” that hasn’t been possible before, and he said that Apple is “excited” about the opportunities in learning and education. “We strived to make a product that was a tool, not a toy,” said Rockwell.

According to Bloomberg, two employees under Rockwell are responsible for discovering new applications for the Vision Pro. One is exploring enterprise uses for the device, while the other is looking into potential education opportunities.

Finding enterprise uses for the headset could be key to its success, given the high price of the device. The Vision Pro starts at $3,500, which puts it out of the reach of some consumers.

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