Apple Vision Pro Battery Supports Up to 2.5 Hours of 2D Video Playback

Under cover of its Vision Pro headset launch date announcement, Apple has revealed that the external battery supports up to 2.5 hours of 2D video playback, half an hour more than it offers in “general use” on a single charge.

Apple quietly updated its product page for the device with the extra detail, qualifying its claim of 2.5 hours of “video playback” based on tests “in conjunction with an Environment, using 2D movie content purchased from the Apple TV app.” Environments let users transform the space around them, and Cinema Environments can turn a room into a personal movie theater.

The company defines “general use” as performing tasks that include video playback, internet browsing, spatial video capture, and FaceTime.

This is the first time Apple has said anything about the Vision Pro’s external battery pack being optimized to run for longer when watching 2D video content. Apple previously said only that the battery lasted two hours on a single charge, although the Vision Pro could be used indefinitely if the battery is itself plugged into an external power source.

Apple says Vision Pro users will be able to watch movies and TV shows from Apple TV+, Disney+, Max, and other services on a screen that feels 100 feet wide with support for HDR content. Elsewhere, within the Apple TV app, users will be able to access more than 150 3D titles.

Pre-orders of the Vision Pro start on Friday, January 19 and the device goes on sale in the United States on Friday, February 2.

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