Apple Vision Pro Repairs Cost Up to $2,400 Without AppleCare+

The Vision Pro features an aluminum frame that houses a single piece of laminated glass for the front of the device, and as we’ve learned from the iPhone, glass is quite breakable. If the Vision Pro’s glass cracks or the device is damaged in some other way, you could be facing an expensive repair without AppleCare+.

On Apple’s Vision Pro service page, repair fees are listed. It will cost $799 to fix cracked cover glass, but if you need any other component repaired, the cost shoots up to $2,399. That’s just $1,100 less than the full cost of the Vision Pro to begin with.

‌AppleCare‌+ is priced at $499 for two years of coverage, or customers can choose to pay $24.99 per month for ‌AppleCare‌+, with the coverage lasting until payments are canceled, so it’s not cheap.

Vision Pro ‌AppleCare‌+ includes unlimited repairs for accidental damage, Apple-certified service and support, Express Replacement Service, and 24/7 priority access to “Apple experts.” It is worth noting that there is a $299 deductible for any ‌AppleCare‌+ repair to the device itself (including a cracked display), and a $29 service fee for any accessories such as the Light Seal that are in need of repair.

Given the price of the Vision Pro headset, ‌AppleCare‌+ might be worth purchasing. As repairs are expensive, it will be worth finding some kind of protective case to use at a minimum to keep it safe if you plan to bring it from one location to another. Apple sells a case for $200, but there should soon be multiple third-party options available.

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