Apple Working on Next-Gen Mac Studio and Mac Pro

Apple is working on a new Mac Studio that is likely to launch in the second half of 2024, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman believes.

Gurman mentioned the details in this weekend’s edition of the “Power On” newsletter. He explained that the new ‌Mac Studio‌ is likely to be offered with the as-yet-unannounced fourth variant of the M3 chip. This will, like previous generations, double the components of the “Max” version, meaning that it will feature up to 32 CPU cores and 80 GPU cores.

Taiwanese research firm TrendForce believes that Apple will launch a new ‌Mac Studio‌ featuring the M3 Ultra chip at WWDC in June, just as it did with the M2 Max and ‌M2‌ Ultra ‌Mac Studio‌ last year. Prior to the launch of these models in 2023, Gurman reported that Apple was already working on two follow-up machines.

Gurman also believes, contrary to suggestions earlier in the week, that Apple is likely to refresh the Mac Pro with this new high-end chip. He does not believe that Apple is likely to again abandon the machine after only one year.

He added that while upcoming devices such as the M3 MacBook Air could be popular if marketed properly, the Mac roadmap for 2024 is looking “otherwise muted,” suggesting some skepticism about Apple’s ability to turn the Mac’s underperforming sales around.

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