CES 2024: Chipolo Launches ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Find My Wallet Trackers

Chipolo today announced the launch of a series of “Perfectly Imperfect” CARD Spot wallet trackers, which are identical to its standard Chipolo CARD Spot trackers, but with flaws in the plastic casing.

This limited edition series takes advantage of plastic that would otherwise have been discarded and wasted. The item trackers have a blemish on one side and a “Perfectly Imperfect” engraving on the other side.”Chipolo is excited to introduce the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ limited series of CARD Spot trackers, as it’s another testament to our dedication to create products that make our lives easier — both physically, through functionality and mentally, by helping to bring people peace of mind”, said Primož Zelenšek, Co-founder and CEO at Chipolo. “Through this campaign, we want to inspire a shift in perspective, encouraging people to embrace their imperfections and recognize the real beauty in what makes each of us irreplaceable.”The Chipolo CARD Spot is designed to fit inside a wallet, and it works with Apple’s Find My network. The CARD Spot can be tracked right alongside Apple devices and the AirTag in the ‌Find My‌ app.

Chipolo plans to donate $1 to a non-profit organization for each of the CARD Spots that are sold, and each one is priced at $35, the same as the standard CARD Spots.

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