CES 2024 Day 2: Transparent TVs From LG, OtterBox’s Cactus Leather, Lockly Smart Locks and More

CES is underway in Las Vegas, and while it’s been overshadowed by Apple’s Vision Pro launch date announcement, there are still plenty of interesting new products to look at. MacRumors videographer Dan Barbera is at CES to bring us an overview of what’s worth checking out.

Day 2 at CES was actually Monday, the day before the show “officially” kicks off and the show floor opens. Vendors were on hand showcasing products in private suites, and the annual Pepcom show took place.

Like Samsung, LG was showing off transparent display technology with the LG Signature OLED T (T for transparent). LG’s OLED TV is coming out later this year, and it can transition between transparency and an opaque background for television watching. LG has designed content specifically for the see-through background, and some of it has an almost hologram-like look.

Lockly was showing off a HomeKit-compatible smart lock that uses facial recognition to open the door, while Ember brought its cup warming technology to baby bottles. Aqara showed off an indoor lock with fingerprint detection, and Scosche was on hand to demo the BaseLynx 2.0, its modular charging system for Apple devices.

OtterBox has a new environmentally friendly iPhone case made of cactus leather, Orbi showed off a new Wi-Fi 7 mesh router setup, and GE had an indoor smokeless smoker that uses pellets.

Dan will be wandering the show floor on Tuesday, so make sure to stay tuned to see tomorrow’s CES roundup video. We’re also covering all kinds of announcements from CES, which you can check out at our CES 2024 hub.

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