CES 2024: Mila Debuts HomeKit-Compatible Smart Air Purifier

Mila, a company that makes air purifiers and humidifiers, today announced the launch of the Mila Air 3, an air purifier that offers HomeKit integration.

The Mila Air 3 is an upgrade over the first-generation Mila Air Purifier. Along with ‌HomeKit‌ support, the updated model includes a quieter, more energy efficient fan and more powerful performance thanks to an updated motor. An LCD display provides feedback on air quality, and capacitive buttons allow for on-device control.

With ‌HomeKit‌ integration, the Mila Air 3 will work with the Home app on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and it will allow the air purifier to be turned on or adjusted with Siri voice commands.

Mila Air Purifiers work with a new Mila Insights app, providing details on air quality alerts, air quality over time both indoors and outdoors, and the filtering performance of the Mila.

The Mila Air 3 is set to launch in the summer of 2024. Depending on the filter selection, pricing will be $408 to $448, though it will drop to $349 for users who subscribe to an auto-refill service for filters.

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