CES 2024: Native Union Debuts 2-in-1 Qi2 Charger, Laptop Stand, Magnetic Power Bank and More

Apple accessory company Native Union this week unveiled a number of upcoming accessories that are set to launch throughout the year.

The Voyage 2-in-1 is a Qi2 wireless charger that supports the latest wireless charging standard. It is able to charge an iPhone at up to 15W, the same as MagSafe. The foldable charger has a main charging base for the ‌iPhone‌ and a second charging base with an Apple Watch charging puck that can fast charge the Apple Watch or charge up the AirPods Pro.

Native Union’s (Re)Classic Power Bank features a 5,000mAh battery to add additional power to an ‌iPhone‌. The ultra slim power bank is able to connect magnetically to an ‌iPhone‌ that supports ‌MagSafe‌ for charging on the go.

The Desk Mat and Desk Laptop Stand are new desktop accessories designed to be used with a Mac. The Mat has a textured surface and is made from an animal-free material, while the Desk Laptop Stand has a premium metal construction that elevates a laptop or tablet up to 60cm.

The Slim Charger is a thin, 67W USB-C power adapter with two ports, and it is covered with a soft-touch canvas material. The slim design allows it to fit behind a desk, a couch, or in other tight spots. The Pocket Cable, inspired by the Swiss Army Knife, features a fold-up USB-C cable that charges devices up to 60W.

Native Union’s Desk Mat, Desk Laptop Stand, and (Re)Classic Power Bank will be coming out in the first quarter of the year, with launch dates coming in the future for the Voyage 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger, Slim Charger, and Pocket Cable.

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