‘Clear’ To-Do App Gets Total Design Overhaul and New Feature Set

Clear is a to-do list app that was first launched in 2012, and while it has received few updates since that time, it has remained popular with users due to its easy-to-use design and simple layout.

Impending, the team behind Clear, has been working on a major revamp for the last several months, and Clear 2 is launching today. Clear 2 has the same general design and function as the original app, but there are new gestures for more fluid list making, new color themes, an edge-to-edge design, updated fonts, quote packs, sound themes, app icon options, and more.

Creating and managing lists in Clear has not changed. Tap anywhere to add an item to a list, and swipe to either check it off or delete it. A tap at the bottom of the app goes to a list overview, and a second bottom tap leads to personalization options, rewards, the shop, and an archive of completed items.

Users can have an unlimited number of lists and items on the list, and the simple design of the app puts the focus on what’s upcoming. Items on the list can be dragged and dropped between lists, and a swipe and hold to the left allows a time and a date to be added. Screenshotting a list brings up a share sheet so you can share a text or image version of the contents with a friend.

As with the original version of Clear, using the app unlocks collectibles like unique colors for lists, and just using the app will provide users with new themes and fonts to choose from. There are also haptics and sounds when checking items off, adding new items to the list, and using other app features.

Clear is no longer a paid app and it is free to use, and Impending has a clever monetization strategy. There is an entirely optional store with themes, fonts, sound packs, and app icons that change on a daily basis. The cosmetic options available for purchase do not affect the core functionality of the app, but do offer unique customization options.

Clear 2 can be downloaded from the App Store for free, and those who have the existing version of Clear will get the update without having to redownload the app. [Direct Link]
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