iPhone 16 Pro’s Ultra Wide Camera Rumored to Receive Major Upgrade

The iPhone 16 Pro models will be the first to feature more than one 48-megapixel sensor, leaving the Telephoto camera as the only rear-facing lens with a 12-megapixel resolution, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports.

Writing on Medium, Kuo explained that the ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌’s Ultra Wide camera will feature a 48-megapixel sensor. The upgrade should allow the camera to capture more light, resulting in enhanced photos when shooting in 0.5× mode, especially in low-light environments.

The iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Pro models already have a 48-megapixel Main camera that uses “pixel binning” to merge data from four pixels on the sensor into one “super pixel” for improved low-light capture. With the ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ models, this technology is expected to expand to the Ultra Wide lens, which is currently a 12-megapixel lens.

This also means that ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ models should be able to shoot 48-megapixel ProRAW photos in Ultra Wide mode. These photos retain more detail in the image file for more editing flexibility, and can be printed at large sizes.

Last year, International Securities analyst Jeff Pu claimed that the ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ will feature a 48-megapixel Ultra Wide camera. Just a few months later, further details about Apple’s plan for the Ultra Wide camera upgrade emerged on Chinese social media site Weibo. With Kuo now throwing his weight behind the rumor, the upgrade seems highly likely.

In 2025, the iPhone 17 Pro is expected to complete the rear camera array’s transition to 48-megapixel sensors, bringing the technology to the Telephoto lens.

Kuo added that the ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ is on-track to feature the tetraprism Telephoto camera introduced on the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max. Kuo also said that the ‌iPhone‌ 17 lineup will feature an upgraded front-camera camera unit with a 24-megapixel sensor and a six-element lens.

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