Second Payment Emails for Refurbished Apple Device Class Action Lawsuit Going Out Tomorrow

A second wave of Apple customers eligible for a payment under a $95 million Apple refurbished device lawsuit are today receiving emails letting them know that the funds will be sent out starting tomorrow.

As Settlement Administrator for the matter, we’re sending you this courtesy email to inform you that by January 9, 2024, you will receive a payment notification email that contains a link to claim your payment electronically. Once you receive that email, you will have until May 15, 2024, to claim your payment.Back in 2021, Apple agreed to pay $95 million to settle an AppleCare-related lawsuit that accused the company of violating U.S. law by providing customers with refurbished replacement devices instead of new devices when AppleCare repairs were required.

The settlement was approved in April 2022, and Apple sent out some payments starting in August 2022, but a new wave of emails went out to customers today. The lawsuit covered iPhones and iPads purchased between July 20, 2012 and September, 30, 2021 and replaced with a refurbished device.

A second wave of payments that are being sent out to disburse remaining funds after the first payments were received. Only 31 percent of those eligible claimed the first payment, leaving money for a second payment.

While Apple paid $95 million to settle the lawsuit, the company admitted no wrongdoing and has denied that refurbished devices are inferior to new devices.

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