Shazam Shares 2024 Popular Song Predictions

Shazam, Apple’s music discovery and identification platform, today shared a Shazam Predictions 2024 playlist, available on Apple Music. The playlist provides songs from more than 50 artists that are set to “have a breakthrough year.”

The predictions playlist is an annual release from Shazam, and the 2024 list includes everything from French pop to contemporary gospel, with content from creators in 21 countries.Have you ever scanned your Shazam history and spotted a big star-someone you discovered months or years before they became a household name? Every day, the app gets millions of requests from users around the world who are curious about the artist behind a song. These Shazams come from all over-TikTok videos, car commercials, coffee shops, overhearing something in the wild-which makes it a powerful tool for predicting tomorrow’s heavy hitters. This playlist features 50 emerging artists who, based on Shazam data reviewed by our editors, are poised to have a breakthrough year.Shazam highlighted five artists to keep a close eye on, including Nigerian singer-songwriter Bloody Civilian, hip-hop duo Flyana Boss, South African singer Kenya Grace, indie rock band The Last Dinner Party, and K-pop group RIIZE.

The full playlist can be listened to on Apple Music.

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