Sketchy Rumor Says Vision Pro Will Launch in Final Week of January

Apple’s Vision Pro headset will launch in the last week of January, a sketchy online report coming out of China claims.

The information comes from Wall Street News, a Chinese investor news service with an unproven track record for Apple rumors. The website claims to have obtained exclusive information suggesting that the Vision Pro will launch on Saturday, January 27 in the United States. While the report clearly says that the launch is set to occur on a date that falls on a Saturday in the United States, there is a chance that the website is actually referring to January 27 in China, which falls on Friday, January 26 in the United States – a much more likely date for the launch of the Vision Pro.

Apple has never launched any of its hardware products on a Saturday, so it seems very unlikely that the Vision Pro headset would the first. The company likely prefers to launch products on weekdays to align with normal business hours, ensuring maximum media coverage and stock market reaction. Friday, January 26 is likely also a more accurate interpretation since Apple overwhelmingly chooses Fridays to launch its new devices.

Apple simply says that the Vision Pro headset will launch “early” this year and has not yet announced any specific time frame for pre-orders and the product’s launch. Oft-accurate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that he expects the Vision Pro to hit shelves in late January or early February, which effectively lines up with this latest report from China. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, on the other hand, has been firmer in saying that Apple is planning the device’s retail launch for February.

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