Apple Acoustics VP Leaves Role, AirPods and HomePod Audio Team Gets New Leadership

The team responsible for audio at Apple will soon undergo leadership changes due to the departure of longtime acoustics vice president Gary Geaves, reports Bloomberg. Geaves is stepping down from his role, though he will be replaced with “top deputy” Ruchir Davé.

Apple’s acoustics group has approximately 300 members that have developed audio technology for the AirPods, HomePods, and other Apple devices. The team was responsible for creating spatial audio, the 3D sound feature that has been built into AirPods, the Vision Pro, and other devices.

AirPods product designer Tang Tan was overseeing the acoustic team under John Ternus, but he started preparing to leave Apple back in December. Since then, the acoustics team has been reporting to Matt Costello, who oversees the HomePod and Beats headphones.

Geaves joined Apple in 2011 from Bowers & Wilkins, and Bloomberg says he will be staying on at Apple as an advisor to Costello as he prepares to retire. Over the course of the last two years, Geaves has been working on an overhaul to the AirPods lineup, and the first updates are expected this year.

Rumors suggest we will see AirPods 4 and new AirPods Max this year, with revamped AirPods Pro to follow in 2025.
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