Apple in Talks With Google to Bring Gemini AI Features to iPhone

Apple is in discussions with Google to integrate its Gemini AI engine into the iPhone as part of iOS 18, according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman.

In a report citing people familiar with the situation, Gurman claims the two companies are in “active negotiations” to let Apple license Google’s generative large-language models in order to power some new features coming in ‌iOS 18‌.

“The two parties haven’t decided the terms or branding of an AI agreement or finalized how it would be implemented,” according to the report’s sources.

With the release of ‌iOS 18‌ later this year, Apple is rumored to be bringing major new AI capabilities to its ‌iPhone‌ operating system. According to Gurman, however, Apple is focusing on features that operate on-device and do not require an internet connection.

To power additional cloud-based generative AI features, such as the ability to create images and write essays based on single prompts, Apple is seeking a partner that has the necessary large-scale hardware resources and compute capabilities already in place.

Apple has been internally testing an “Apple GPT” rival that could compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. According to previous reporting by Gurman, work on AI is a priority for Apple, and the company has been designing an “Ajax” framework for large language models. However, the technology is still not as advanced as tools from Google and other rivals, making a partnership look like the better option, according to the latest report.

If the talks bring about a deal, it would expand the two companies’ existing search partnership. Google has paid Apple billions of dollars to keep its search engine the default option in Safari web browser on Apple devices.

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