Apple Music Gains Personalized ‘Heavy Rotation Mix’ Playlist

An all-new “Heavy Rotation Mix” playlist today rolled out on Apple Music, providing a convenient way for users to see and listen to a personalized collection of songs that they listen to most.

The Heavy Rotation Mix features 25 songs and joins the Favorites Mix, Get Up! Mix, Chill Mix, New Music Mix, and Friends Mix. Unlike the pre-existing personalized playlists which are all updated on a weekly basis, Heavy Rotation is updated daily, allowing it to evolve as your listening habits change.

‌Apple Music‌ users can listen to their own Heavy Rotation Mix and add it to their library by navigating to Listen Now, where it appears under Top Picks.

The Heavy Rotation Mix is the latest feature to join ‌Apple Music‌ after a series of small upgrades in recent months. Earlier in February, Apple launched a monthly Apple Music Replay experience, as well as new “Love” and “Heartbreak” personalized radio stations. ‌Apple Music‌ also seems to be testing a service to import a music library from other streaming services.

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