Apple Vision Pro’s Name May Still Face Trademark Issues in China

The Apple’s Vision Pro headset may still face trademark issues with Huawei when the company launches it in China.

As highlighted by the South China Morning Post, Chinese tech giant Huawei registered the “Vision Pro” name in the country in 2021. This registration encompasses a wide array of goods and services, including virtual reality headsets and wearable video displays, effectively granting Huawei exclusive rights to the “Vision Pro” name in China until November 2031.

According to the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), Apple’s application for the trademark rights to “Vision Pro” is currently in a state of “refusal to re-examine.” Additionally, Apple applied to trademark the brand name “Apple Vision Pro” in June 2023, and this application is still under examination, leaving the company’s branding strategy for the product in China uncertain.

Huawei’s first foray into smart eyewear came with the introduction of “Vision Glass” in December 2022, expanding its portfolio under the Vision brand, which also includes a range of smart TV screens. Following the release of Apple’s Vision Pro in the United States in February, Huawei has been rumored to be preparing to launch similar devices.

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