Apple Watch Ultra With MicroLED Display Seemingly ‘Canceled’ For Now

Apple supplier ams OSRAM on Wednesday announced it would “re-assess its microLED strategy” after a “cornerstone project” was “unexpectedly cancelled” that day. The company’s stock plunged nearly 40% following the news, earlier shared by AppleInsider.

Counterpoint Research’s Display Supply Chain Consultants told MacRumors that it believes this project related to the rumored Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED display. The research firm said low production yields, along with high costs and risk, are likely the primary reasons for the project being canceled with ams OSRAM. The firm said it remains to be seen if Apple looks for another supplier, or sticks with OLED displays for the Apple Watch.

ams OSRAM said “discussions with the related customer are ongoing,” so an Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED display is not completely ruled out, and it may just be further delayed. The device was expected to launch in 2025 or 2026, depending on the source, but it may take even longer to be released, if ever, given this latest development.

Apple is believed to have been actively developing microLED technology since it acquired California-based company LuxVue in 2014. Benefits of microLED displays compared to OLED displays typically include increased brightness, improved power efficiency, higher contrast ratio, and more, but the technology is still expensive.

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