Halide Camera Team Launches Kino Pro Video App

The developers behind popular photography app Halide today announced the launch of Kino, an app designed for capturing cinematic video. Kino has the tools that professionals need while also providing guidance to amateur videographers.

Kino offers a one-tap video recording feature with support for a range of color presets. The Instant Grade feature allows users to choose presets created by experts or import their own LUTs. By applying color grading while recording, Kino saves time by removing the need for editing.

An AutoMotion feature helps users capture cinematic movement in a shot by using a 180-degree shutter angle by default. When enough ambient light is available, the Auto label will turn green to indicate that it is an ideal time to capture motion.

While the Kino interface is designed to be simple to use, there are a number of pro tools that can be selected. There are options for adjusting exposure with RV adjustment and AE, and WB lock, or there is a full manual mode for control over shutter speed and ISO.

The app includes quick access tools for adjusting resolution, framerate, encoding, and more, plus there is a level grid, RBG waveform for adjusting exposure, and focus peaking for changing focus. Kino is able to store video recordings in the Files app instead of the Photos app for easier video management.

For those new to video recording, there are a series of lessons that can be used to learn all of the available features that are in Kino.

Kino can be downloaded from the App Store for $9.99, a discount of 50 percent off of the standard price. iOS 17 is required. [Direct Link]
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