Plex Launches Movie Rental Store

Media platform Plex today announced the launch of a dedicated movie rental store, allowing U.S. Plex users to purchase content directly from Plex rather than from a third-party store like YouTube, Apple TV, or Amazon Video.

Popular movies like Barbie, Aquaman, Mission Impossible, Wonka, Priscilla, and more can be purchased using Plex.

Plex users will have 30 days to start playback after renting a movie, and once playback begins, the movie can be watched multiple times in a 48-hour window.

Along with recent movies to purchase, Plex also offers a large selection of movies that are available to watch for free on demand (with ads), as well as free live television.

Plex movies can be rented through the Plex Web App on iOS devices, but purchases work on ‌Apple TV‌, iOS, the Plex Web App, Fire TV, and supported smart TVs from LG, Samsung, and more. Plex does not support renting movies directly on the iPhone, iPad, or ‌Apple TV‌, presumably to avoid Apple’s cut.

Rentals start at $3.99 for older movies, but popular new releases cost up to $20.99. Wonka, for example, is $20.99, which is actually a dollar more than it costs to rent the movie from Apple’s TV app. There is no option to purchase movies on Plex, and rented movies cannot be downloaded.

Movie rentals are limited to the United States as of now, and Plex has not said whether the renting option will expand to additional countries.

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