Zoom Shows Off Immersive New Vision Pro App With Personas, 3D Object Sharing and More

With the launch of the Vision Pro just days away, popular video collaboration service Zoom announced a Vision Pro app that is set to come out on Friday, February 2. The Zoom app for Vision Pro is meant to blur the lines of in-person and remote meetings to help teams feel more connected with one another.

The Zoom app will work on the “infinite canvas” of the Vision Pro, with the scalable interface able to be viewed in the real world or with a virtual backdrop. The app supports Personas, which are a spatial representation of the user in Vision Pro.

A Persona is created by using the cameras on the Vision Pro, and it serves as a stand-in for the user during video calls. Personas look like the user, and are able to gesture, speak, and react based on the facial and hand movements of the Vision Pro wearer.

With these features, Zoom users can expect to “feel like they are in the same room as their colleagues and customers” without the need for anything but the Vision Pro.

Later in the spring, the Zoom app will add support for sharing 3D files, with the files able to “come to life” on the Vision Pro. Team Chat integration is coming as well, and users will eventually be able to pin up to five Zoom participants anywhere in their physical space.

Pinned users will have their backgrounds removed, adding to the feel of multiple people being in the same room.

Zoom will be available from the Vision Pro App Store.

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