Adobe Premiere Pro Gains AI Tools to Add and Remove Objects From Videos, Extend Clips and More

Adobe today debuted several new AI features for Premiere Pro, software designed for professional video editing. Adobe’s Premiere Pro is set to gain useful editing functions powered by generative AI, which will let video editors do more with less work.

With a Generative Extend feature, Premiere Pro will be able to add frames to make video clips longer, allowing for properly timed edits and smooth transitions by extending a scene.

Objects in videos will also be able to be added or removed through smart selection and tracking tools. Adobe says that video editors can do things like remove an unwanted item, change an actor’s wardrobe, or add set dressings like paintings on the wall or plants on a desk.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature is an option to create new video footage directly within Premiere Pro using a text to video feature. Users will be able to type text into a prompt or upload images to create video, and the resulting clips can be used for B-roll, creating storyboards, and more.

Adobe plans to introduce these generative AI tools later in 2024.

Apple has its own professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is a Premiere Pro competitor, and as of now, it is lacking in the AI department. Apple has not announced any AI features for Final Cut Pro, but with AI capabilities rumored to be coming to multiple apps in iOS 18 and macOS 15, we could perhaps see some new AI feature additions for Final Cut Pro.

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