Apple Says There Are Now Over 1,000 Vision Pro Apps

There are more than 1,000 apps available for the Vision Pro, Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak said today. There are also more than 1.5 million iPad apps that are compatible with the Vision Pro and that are able to run on the device.

When the Vision Pro launched, Apple said there were more than 600 apps available for the headset, so the number of apps has increased by over 400 in the weeks since the Vision Pro debuted.

A huge thank you to our developers! Their hard work has already resulted in over 1,000 incredible spatial apps designed specifically for Vision Pro, along with over 1.5 million compatible apps. We’re thrilled to see how they’ll continue to push the boundaries for what’s possible.

— Greg Joswiak (@gregjoz) February 13, 2024

The Vision Pro is able to run many of the apps that are on the ‌iPad‌, but the 1,000 app count is for those that have been designed for and optimized for the headset.

We’ve rounded up some of the many Vision Pro apps available that are worth checking out.
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