Threads Gets Multi-Column TweetDeck-Like Web View

Threads is working on a new web view that features the option to pin customized columns, similar to the TweetDeck feature that used to be available on Twitter. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an image of the new web option, which he said is currently being tested.

The screenshot shows several custom columns, including a “For you” and several topic-based columns. Favorite searches, topics/keywords, accounts, saved posts, and notifications can be pinned at the current time, and there is an auto-refresh option to keep columns up to date with the newest posts.

Twitter, now renamed to X, has a similar “X Pro” feature that has the same format as the former TweetDeck option, but it requires an $8/month subscription to access. The Threads version would be free, and it could replicate much of the functionality that Twitter used to offer.

A column-based web view that’s customizable could encourage more users to adopt Threads, and it prevents Threads users from being forced into the For you feed when opening Threads on the web. According to Bloomberg, Threads users that have the feature can pin up to 100 feeds to their homepage.

As of now, the multi-column view is being tested with a small number of users.

Earlier this week, Threads also added a new option to organize searches by recency, making it easier to find timely and relevant content on the social network.

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