TikTok Becomes First Social Network to Auto Label AI-Generated Content

TikTok this week announced that it has started automatically labeling AI-generated content created on third-party platforms, preventing AI images and videos from confusing and misleading viewers.

Content made using TikTok’s AI creation tools has included an AI label for more than a year, but going forward, TikTok will also label AI images made through other platforms. TikTok’s tool will read Content Credentials, a technology from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). Content Credentials are designed to attach metadata to AI content, facilitating AI labeling.

TikTok’s AI labeling started rolling out today on images and videos, and it will soon be coming to audio-only content. Content created with AI will have a label that says “AI-generated” under an account’s TikTok username.

Labeling may be gradual, as content needs to have Content Credentials included for it to be identified and labeled. As other platforms adopt credentials, AI identification will increase across all social networks.

In the future, TikTok will add Content Credentials to TikTok content that will remain when images and videos are downloaded, so people and other social networks can use the C2PA Verify tools to identify AI content that was made on TikTok.

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