Top 10 Vision Pro Apps

The Vision Pro launched with its own dedicated App Store, and last Friday, there were more than 600 Vision Pro-optimized apps available for download. We thought we’d pull out 10 of the best apps to check out on Vision Pro, both for day-to-day use and for showing off the capabilities of the headset.

Spatial Cam (Free) – With Spatial Cam, you can watch the camera feed from an iPhone on your Vision Pro. The app lets you connect to your ‌iPhone‌, and then you can view the feed from afar, which is ideal for keeping an eye on kids and pets. Using this as a window in your workspace is useful for when you’re fully immersed in a Vision Pro experience.

Juno for YouTube ($4.99) – There’s no official YouTube app for the Vision Pro, so Juno from developer Christian Selig is a good alternative. It offers a better Vision Pro interface than the Safari web interface, and provides quick access controls for creating a home theater experience. Juno is not without its bugs, however, and it does not remove YouTube ads.

Crouton (Free, in-app purchases) – Crouton is a recipe management app that lets you save recipes from websites, recipe books, and more, saving them in an easy-to-browse interface. You can get step-by-step cooking instructions that you can follow while wearing the Vision Pro and add timers for different meal components. The app does say not to cook while wearing Vision Pro, but there are a lot of handy cooking tools if you want to break the rules.

Blackbox ($19.99) – Blackbox is a puzzle game where you manipulate orbs, bubbles, and other objects to explore different visuals and sounds on Vision Pro. It is one of the more unique experiences on Apple’s headset. The game is under active development and new puzzles will be added over time.

Spatial Symphony (Free, $6.99 for Pro)- Spatial Symphony gives you a way to visually interact with and create music. You can sculpt sounds by moving your hands to adjust pitch, volume, and more.

NowPlaying (Free, in-app purchases) – You can connect NowPlaying to Apple Music to get a more immersive, visual listening experience. The app provides album artwork, lyrics, facts and trivia about what you’re listening to, and song displays so you can watch your music while it plays.

SynthRiders (Apple Arcade) – SynthRiders is a rhythm game where the idea is to match the color on your hands with the balls coming at you, keeping up with the rhythm. It’s similar to Beat Saber and other games like that.

FloatNotes (Free) – FloatNotes is a free app that lets you put little sticky notes anywhere in your workspace.

Shortcut Buttons ($7.99) – With Shortcut Buttons, you can create Shortcut buttons that can be put anywhere and launched with a tap.

PGA Tour Vision – Golf fans can see a model of select holes on the PGA Tour, with the models able to be rotated and explored in-depth. There’s also a leaderboard, videos to watch, shot tracking, and more.

We have even more great Vision Pro apps in our Vision Pro app guide, but if you have a favorite Vision Pro app, let us know what it is in the comments below.

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